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DSers Dropshipping Review: Boost Shopify Dropshipping

by Sophia Loren

Dropshipping allows store owners to make money online without dealing with buying and storing products upfront, instead, you can purchase a product after one of your customers place the order. Then the third-party dropshipping suppliers will accept the order and pick and ship the product to your customer.

Dropshipping makes you free from dealing with orders, however, it will encounter some challenges, too.

  • Finding reliable suppliers to get high-quality products
  • Importing products to your Shopify store easily
  • Updating your suppliers’ inventory automatically
  • Automating other steps of dropshipping( track shipment, notifications, etc)

Fortunately, dropshipping apps like DSers provide solutions to these problems. Although Shopify-owned dropshipping app Oberlo also has many fans of dropshipping on Shopify, the app recently announces that it will close its dropshipping services on June 15th, 2022.

Now, it suggests users migrate from Oberlo to DSers.

Therefore I write the DSers review here. With Oberlo’s blessing and impressive advanced features, DSers has become the first option for most dropshippers. Now, we can start exploring the DSers dropshipping here together.

DSers Dropshipping Review

Now, we start the review. Here we will cover DSers in the following 5 aspects where we think DSers have an advantage over other dropshipping apps.

Part 1: About DSers

DSers dropshipping app is dedicated to helping dropshippers grow AliExpress dropshipping business and scale online stores such as Shopify, Wix, and Woocommerce stores. 

dsers interface

As the official partner of AliExpress, DSers connects with AliExpress more which will exceed your speed when importing products from AliExpress to Shopify. Furthermore, the dropshipping tool provides all the features you need to operate a dropshipping business(we will explore in the next part).

Part 2: DSers Key Features

As I mentioned before, DSers offers all the dropshipping features, from finding a supplier for your products to tracking the order shipment, from placing 100s orders in seconds to updating product stock automatically.

Here are some examples of its core features:

Supplier Optimizer: Find the better suppliers in your product niche in a few seconds

Variants Mapping: Map multiple suppliers for one product

Bundle Products: Offer attractive discounts or deals for customers

Bulk Order: Process 100s orders with a few clicks, save your time for other tasks

Shipping Setting: Select your favorite shipping method according to the order destination upfront

Automatic Pricing: Set and calculate the prices of your products automatically

You can access its feature page to get the full list.

Part 3: How to Get DSers 

Now, you might have known what DSers is and how it benefits your dropshipping business, it’s time to learn how we can get the powerful dropshipping app. Here are two ways for you.

Firstly, you can access the tool on Shopify app store. Go to your Shopify App Store, then enter the keyword ‘dropshipping’, DSers appears firstly on the list.

dsers shopify app listing

Then you can install the app here.

dsers shopify app

The second way you can use the tool is to go to the Chrome Web Store and search DSers here.

dsers chrome extension

Then click add to Chrome to get the tool.

dsers chrome install

Then when you want to import products from AliExpress to your Shopify store, you can go to AliExpress and find the product you want to sell, then you will find the anchor: add to DSers.

dsers aliexpress search

The DSers Chrome extension makes browsing AliExpress to expand your product catalog effortless while picking a product. Additionally, the extension tracks your AliExpress order status in real-time and simultaneously tracks numbers from AliExpress to DSers.

Part 4: DSers Pricing

DSers provides you a free plan with basic features like Processing Orders in Bulk, Managing multiple stores on one dashboard, Variants Mapping, Inventory Management ( notification only), Customer support, etc. You can enjoy features like AliExpress Saver Shipping Adaptor, Cost Change Management( update automatically), Automated Pricing Rule( which offers fixed or percentage increases only for free plan), Variants Mapping, and BOGO/Bundle Mapping with a paid plan.

Visit its pricing page to see all its features and plans.

Part 5: DSers Customer Service

DSers has done great work on its customer service. It offers users 24/7 support, which means you can get timely help as long as you have a problem with the app use.

However, other dropshipping tools are hard to get access to their support team, you might need to wait for a week-long to hear back from them, which means that you cannot get prompt help. It will be a time-consuming task!

Start AliExpress Dropshipping with DSers

Now, we have explored what DSers is and what DSers can provide for users. Let’s continue our DSers review. The topic going to talk about here is how to start AliExpress dropshipping with DSers.

Assuming you don’t have an online store, the first step to starting AliExpress dropshipping is to set up your Shopify store. Here is the full list of the steps:

  1. Create Your Shopify Account
  2. Get the DSers app on Shopify app store
  3. Connect with AliExpress for your Shopify store

Note: if you don’t have a DSers account, you need to finish the registration process (including choosing a pricing plan, setting up your password, etc.)  before installing the app.

Further reading: How to Start AliExpress Dropshipping with DSers ( details for each step).

DSers Alternative: DSers vs Oberlo

As I mentioned before, Oberlo users can migrate to DSers to upgrade their dropshipping services. It means DSers, as the preferred alternative to Oberlo, can provide a better dropshipping experience for users. Therefore, let’s dive into these advantages here.

Both Oberlo and DSers indeed offer similar features for dropshippers. However, DSers have an advantage over these aspects: manage multiple stores with one account, integrate with other platforms like WooCommerce and Wix, and offer advanced variant mapping for products. One more thing: Oberlo offers more educational resources than DSers.

Furthermore, although Oberlo is good for beginners and DSers coming with advanced feature needs more time to start with. However, the fact is that if you want to scale your dropshipping business, DSers will be advantageous in a long run.

How to migrate from Oberlo to DSers?

Oberlo allows you to migrate all data to DSers automatically. Just navigate to your Oberlo Admin and click on Home. Next, click Migrate to DSers now and follow the steps listed. Next, you need to install the DSers app in Shopify Admin and create a DSers account. Once done, click Start Migration.

After this process, you will only be able to use Oberlo in read-only mode. Further reading: Migrate from Oberlo to DSers with Specific steps and explanation.


Here you got – our DSers review. Hope it’s helpful for you.

With the closure of Oberlo in June this year, a large number of dropshipping sellers will be looking for another option. We are happy to say that DSers can be a great option whether you are an experienced seller or entering this business model for the first time.

While with its many advanced features, DSers is not the best dropshipping solution for beginners, choosing an option that will expand your online business and save you time is necessary for the long run. DSers does this through massive automation tools, bulk import capabilities, and handy browser extensions.

DSers can also help you choose a reliable supplier, save you money, get better shipping rates and recognize affiliate cashback offers. Plus, it allows you to market bundles and buy-one-get-one deals to your customers.

Okay, good luck with your selling in 2022 with DSers.

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