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10 best dropshipping products for launching your private label brand in 2022

by Robert

Do you plan to launch your private label dropshipping brand? For sure you wonder what is the most profitable niche right now. We picked the best products to kick off a successful dropshipping business in 2022. 

And as a bonus, we also reviewed the best dropshipping companies!


private label cosmetics

According to Reports Globe, Loreal, and Statista reports, the beauty industry’s revenue is predicted to exceed $716B by 2025. So why not launch your own private label cosmetics brand right now? 

Facial Creams 

In recent years, people started to pay more attention to skincare. BB creams, moisturizers, eye creams, serums, toners became an important part of the daily self-care routine for many people. Also, with the rise of the “clean beauty” trend, now customers tend to choose more natural paraben-free formulas: according to the Natural Marketing Institute, about 24% of U.S. adults prefer “clean” products, and this number seems only to grow. So if you want to start a dropshipping business in this niche, we highly recommend focusing on more natural products.

Shampoos and conditioners

Shampoos and conditioners for daily use are essentials and will always be in demand. But as with skincare products, many consumers now prefer natural, paraben-free, and gluten-free formulas. If you think about selling hair care products, pay attention to ingredients first! 

Private label cosmetics dropshipping companies


Sell.xyz is a new company providing cosmetics on demand dropshipping. With their automated dropshipping service, customers can design their own cosmetic products, place them in their preferred marketplaces and start selling right away. All of this is possible without any upfront investments.

Like print on demand industry leaders Prinitify and Printful, Sell.xyz has an all-in-one design tool. You can create product mockups there without any design skills. 

Right now Sell.xyz offers high-quality 28 cosmetic products available. All of them have organic formulas and EcoCert certification. 

Another big advantage: Sell.xyz doesn’t have any order quantity minimums. So it doesn’t really matter if you order 1 or 1000 items.

The service offers up to 5 sample products per month with a 30% discount. That’s a great option for merchants who want to try out the items before offering them to customers.

Shipping is available worldwide.

Check out the product list here.


Another platform for starting a cosmetics dropshipping brand is Alibaba. Thousands of suppliers here offer a wide range of different cosmetic products. 

Obviously, the main advantage of Alibaba is the low price of the items. That’s why it’s so attractive for newbies in the dropshipping business. However, with Alibaba, you should be extremely careful on every step. Here are a few recommendations: 

  • Do a background check on your chosen suppliers as some of them are not reliable. 
  • On Alibaba, many offered products have questionable quality. Check the ingredients and reviews.
  • Many products on Alibaba are sold only in bulk quantities. Before ordering a thousand pieces, ask the supplier for a sample item so you will be able to check the quality of the product yourself. 

Keep in mind that you will have to use an additional dropshipping service to integrate your store with Alibaba (Dropified, Spocket).


private label supplements

CRN consumer survey data reports that 80% of Americans claim they use dietary supplements. That’s a really big potential market! No wonder many dropshipping companies now provide a wide range of different supplements. Let’s see which supplement products are the best to start with.

Multivitamins and minerals

Multivitamins and minerals are the most universal supplements used by adults and kids. If you haven’t chosen an exact target audience yet, these products are a great choice for the start.  

Weight loss supplements

Weight loss supplements market size was estimated at $81.57B in 2020 and is expected to reach $128.36 billion by 2026. Entering this market can bring a big profit, but be careful with what you are selling! Check if the supplements are produced in FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilities.

Important! Although in most countries supplements are regulated as food, we recommend checking the regulations in your country before starting selling supplements.

Private label supplements dropshipping companies


Supliful is a dropshipping service fully concentrated on the supplement. Here you can find everything you need for your first private label supplements line. Supliful offers more than 75 supplements, including proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids & blends, natural extracts.

However, keep in mind that through the Supliful website you won’t be able to create a design as the service doesn’t have its own design tool. For design creation, Supliful offers Canva/Adobe Illustrator templates. Also, you can order a custom design service for $149.

Supliful has an integration option only with Shopify stores.

Automated dropshipping service is available in the US, UK, and EU. 


Alongside cosmetic dropshipping products, Sell.xyz also offers white label supplements. Here you can find the most trendy products in the industry such as multivitamin gummies for adults and kids, vinegar gummies for weight loss and advanced formulas for immune support.

Sell.xyz is a perfect platform for merchants who are just getting started in the supplements business. It has all the tools you need on one platform such as integration with the most popular marketplaces, high-quality products from experienced manufacturers and fully automated dropshipping service.

If you prefer to use other marketplaces that are not available for integration, then you can simply create a manual order on the Sell website. Also, you can order in bulk.

A big discount is available for sample products. You can order up to 5 items per month as a sample with 30% off.

Shipping is available worldwide. 

Check out the product list here.

Apparel & accessories

dropshipping private label apparel

In the US alone the apparel, accessories, and footwear market hit $180.5 billion. By 2025 it’s predicted to rise to $295.7B. If you manage to keep up with the current fashion trends, your apparel dropshipping business will be a huge success! 


T-shirts are one of the most popular products in the dropshipping industry. It’s really easy to start a business on T-shirts since there is a huge market and thousands of suppliers. But have in mind that it also can be the cornerstone. Before starting a T-shirt business we recommend choosing a specific target audience and finding a reliable manufacturer of high-quality t-shirts.

Hoodies and sweatshirts

Start your hoodie dropshipping business and give your customers the ultimate comfort and warmth! As with T-shirts, it’s crucially important to keep up with the current trends and seasonal occasions (for example, adding in your store ugly Christmas sweatshirts at least a month prior to the holiday). 


Although in many countries their use is already not necessary, it seems like masks are not going anywhere in the near future. We definitely recommend placing them in your store alongside other accessories. 

Phone cases

Currently, about 15 billion mobile devices are operating worldwide and about 6.64 billion people have a smartphone. Of course, many users prefer to use phone cases since it not only gives them the opportunity to express themselves but also keeps their expensive devices safe. So if you want to open an accessories dropshipping business, think about including phone cases in your product list.

Apparel & accessories dropshipping companies


Printful is one of the leading companies in the print on demand industry. Merchants especially recommend it for creating customized phone cases and t-shirts. In general, it’s convenient both for beginners and more experienced entrepreneurs who want an easy solution for their dropshipping business. 

Printful integrates with many marketplaces and provides a design tool for creating your own customized products. It’s 100% free to use. However, some options are available only with subscription plans — Printful Pro and Printful Plus. Also, Printful offers a lot of paid services (photo and video, graphic design, branding, store setup, etc.). 

Shipping is available worldwide. The costs depend on the product. Printful offers discounted shipping rates for additional items in the same order.


Printify is considered one of the market leaders in the print on demand industry. It offers more than 300 products in 5 categories (men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids’ clothing, accessories, home & living). Here you can find a big collection of t-shirts and hoodies in different colors and sizes.

Printify works with numerous partners all over the world. Thanks to that, you can always find a provider with a reasonable shipping rate to your country. However, the quality of the products and print services vary depending on the partner.  

The service offers a Premium subscription plan that allows the merchant to get 20% off all orders. 

Shipping and production costs and times depend on the provider. 

Home decor and accessories 

wall art private label drop shipping

Home decor is one of the fastest-growing industries today. And while the pandemic affected many of them, home decor had an actual growth during that crisis period. In 2020, 3 in 5 UK consumers used their additional time at home to redecorate. 

Till now, with the rise of remote jobs and people trying to make their home space comfortable for both work and relaxing, the industry is expected to grow rapidly. The numbers speak for themselves. The 2021 home decor market had over $641 billion in revenue. 

Let’s see which home decor products are the best to focus on in 2022.

Wall art

Wall art makes the space completely different without any serious redecoration. If you plan to open a wall art dropshipping business, think through who you are going to sell the products to. Also, as with apparel, it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends. 


The global drinkware market was valued at USD 4.11 Billion in 2020 and is expected to grow every year. Well, no surprises, everybody loves cute mugs for coffee/tea! Also, it’s a universal gifting item. If you plan to open a home & living online store, drinkware should be there for sure!

Home decor and accessories dropshipping companies


Printify has one of the biggest home & living white label products collection! Here you can find everything you need to make your home a more comfortable place. Mugs, wall posters, aromatherapy candles, and even yoga mats are available for customization and selling. If you have in mind opening a home accessories store, Pritnify is a great place to start. Also, it offers discounts for bulk orders. 

However, not all the suppliers on Pritinify provide high-quality products. Before placing the items in your store, we recommend making a sample order. Of course, this will take some time, but you’ll know what exactly you’re selling to your customers.


Printful is another market leader that offers a lot of products in the home & living category. Aprons, mouse pads, posters, flags, water bottles, coffee mags and even puzzles are available here.

Printful is an all-in-one service where you can customize the products, add them to your store in one click (all the popular eCommerce platforms are available for integration), and start selling immediately. However, it’s important to mention that some of the options are available only with paid subscriptions.


All of the mentioned products are good for starting a white label brand in 2022. However, choosing the right platform is the key to a successful business.

In general, if your main priority is low prices, then Alibaba is a good choice. However, this option is better for more experienced merchants as you’ll have to spend a lot of time checking, researching, and placing the products in your store. Plus you may need to invest in buying some products in bulk. 

There are many services where you can create high-quality products and place them in your store without any upfront investments (Printful, Printify, Sell.xyz). These services are the best if you want to test the waters a bit and see if you can succeed in dropshipping business. You can place different products in your store and check which ones are selling better. You’ll pay only when you get an actual order from a customer.

In your opinion, what’s the best product to start with? Are there some other items that should’ve been included in the list? Also, which dropshipping and print on demand services do you prefer to use? Share with us in the comments!

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