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4 Private label clothing dropshippers

by Robert

Creating a private label clothing brand isn’t just about showing your logo or printing a fresh design. It has to appeal to your audience. Whether it’s regular private label apparel brand you’re creating, or targeted to specific audiences, like fitness, women/men, you’re creating, it must come with the correct blend of high-quality items and the perfect decoration. Quite often, online store owners search for made manufacturers in USA, or specifically made in USA dropshippers. Whichever your niche is, find the best private label clothing manufacturer, and go with it.

In this article, we’ll review private label clothing dropshippers that are also white label apparel manufacturers. Often times the private label for clothing would mean wholesale orders, however, recently the picture has changed. With white-label print on demand, apparel dropshippers nowadays has no minimums.

Some private label dropshippers like Printful or Printify will also offer integrations with ecommerce platforms. That will help you automate your dropshipping.


private label apparel

Printify can help you create a private label clothing line for just a few dollars per shirt.

To build a stronger relationship with your customers, you can design custom inside labels for the product. Private label apparel that Printify offers includes men’s and women’s T-shirts, cups, home décor items, accessories, and many other products are available for you to plan and impress people. Moreover, Printify also offers private label fitness apparel such as leggings, sneakers, shorts, and others.



private label fitness apparel

Similarly, Printful will help you to position your private label apparel line to your customer superior to others. With Printful you can not only add design to your private label clothing but also customize packaging and invoices – you can add logos, company addresses, contact information and more. At an extra cost, you can do inside label printing for your apparel line.

Creating a private label fitness apparel line with Printful will also not be a problem – custom leggings, bras, shorts, swimwear and more.


  • No minimums
  • Best suitable for POD and dropshipping
  • Wholesale discounts
  • Warehousing and fulfillment services, alternative to FBA available

Ink Monstr

private label apparel companies

Ink Monstr partners with brands across the US, turning your designs into wearable private label clothing. They use domestically milled fabrics and patterns. In addition their private label apparel is all made in the USA. Known for its superior quality and options for customization, Cut & Sew clothing offers full-coverage design and extraordinary detail. Plus, with no minimum orders, you can scale your brand at your own pace.


  • No minimums
  • Made in USA

Scrappy Apparel

wholesale private label apparel

Scrappy Apparel can help you create a private label clothing line for just a few dollars per shirt. Scrappy allows you to do custom hang tags and labels at extra cost. You have to order in wholesale your private label apparel here, however, their prices are unbeatabled – printed shirts cost starting $2 per item.


  • Low pricing
  • Variety of branding options

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