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5 Ways To Improve Sales Conversion On Your B2B Site

by Zubair Hussain Khan

Whether your product is outstanding, or your service and product have the most competitive rates. If the audience is clueless about it, they will never buy it. This happens to B2B and B2C selling both. There are plenty of solutions and strategies needed if you want to improve the sales conversion rate. 

Especially B2B buyers are way more challenging if compared to B2C customers. Because they are a group of decision-makers who first make a detailed plan before making a purchase. When it comes to B2B buyers, generating leads is more tricky. 

Around 90% of B2B buyers conduct comprehensive research before making their purchase decisions. Therefore it’s essential to work on your website to increase the sales conversion rate for achieving growth.  

sales conversion rate

In a recent report of Forrester we noted that most of the B2B buyers prefer to conduct comprehensive research on their own before talking to a sales person. It means you need to establish your business on multiple platforms.

Since the B2B industry is growing massively, generating leads and improving sales on this new eCommerce platform can be pretty challenging. First of all, to generate leads in the B2B industry, you need to own a stellar website.

There are plenty of off-the-rack solutions available in the market. However, if they’re unable to fulfill all your business needs, you can always choose to build a customized solution. There are hundreds of thousands of web development service providers who can help you in building a fully-functional and awe-striking B2B store.

As we have mentioned before, B2B and B2C customers are quite different so you need to choose and implement a new approach to successfully improve your B2B sales conversion rate.

You might now be wondering how you can improve sales conversion on your B2B site as it is a pretty complex task. 

Just relax! We didn’t mean to petrify you by stating these facts. If you want to improve your B2B sales conversion, you’ve landed in the right place.

Today in this article we’ll discuss 5 incredible ways to improve your B2B sales conversion.

So let’s get started.

Lead score technique

One of the incredible ways to improve the sales conversion on your B2B site is adopting lead scoring technique. It’s a common technique and it’s usually practiced by B2B markets to categorize their audience based on their sales-readiness. 

lead scoring technique

By practicing lead scoring technique, you can easily categorize the quality leads in three different groups:

  • Group A : Audience that is all set to make a purchase
  • Group B : Audience that is one step away from making a purchase
  • Group C : Audience that is not interested in purchasing

The most notable benefit of implementing the lead scoring technique is that you can solely focus on the audience who is actually interested in buying your product/services. It will help you in strengthening your relationship with them to improve your sales conversion. 

Moreover, you can use this technique to nurture the leads that are just one step away from purchasing. Even though the B2B conversion rate is lower compared to B2C. Still, you can nurture the qualified leads via lead scoring techniques. 

Gather and Analyze Acquired Data

Most of the B2B marketers often overlook this strategy but it’s highly essential to pay attention to analyzing the acquired data. Collecting relevant information will help you in determining if the decision you’re about to make will be beneficial for your business in the long run or not. 

Based on the acquired data, you can plan a new set of strategies or adopt new marketing tactics to approach your prospective customers to bring in more sales. Through detailed analysis, you can understand how much time your team will need to sell a particular service or product and on which prospects you need to pay more attention. 

Gathering and analyzing all relevant data which definitely to develop stellar marketing tactics to optimally improve your B2B site’s conversion rate. 

Run Email Marketing Campaigns

If you want to turn your B2B site into a sales generating machine, we highly recommend you to opt for the ancient marketing tactic and start running email marketing campaigns generously. 

Whether you’re running a B2C or B2B eCommerce store, the primary purpose of running email marketing campaigns is pretty similar. The goal is to engage with the audience and encourage them to visit your website. 

email marketing campaigns

The level of engagement you’re expecting highly depends on how well-planned and organized you’re running your email marketing campaigns.

The major advantage of running email marketing campaigns in the B2B eCommerce landscape, it facilitates in driving customers to your site to increase engagement. Later on, you can nurture these leads into sales. Re-engaging with your existing customers is also essential so they won’t run away to your competitors.

There are plenty of email marketing software you can use to run email marketing campaigns successfully, some of the popular ones are, 

  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse

Running email marketing campaigns will help you in building a strong and credible relationship with your potential prospects and existing customers in less time. It’s certainly a persuasive approach that you must incorporate into your marketing plan to improve your sales conversion.

Sweeten your deal

Before you contact your prospects to offer them your deal, take a step back and think about your offerings thoroughly. Have you highlighted all the distinctive features of your deal that can help you in gaining additional sales incentive? 

If your offerings are already creating hype, we recommend you to offer complimentary services or products to your prospect to increase the value of your deal to seal it. 

You can use various cross-selling strategies to boost conversion rates of your B2B site.


Pay-per-click or PPC, the most optimal strategy that every B2B store owner must invest in if they want quick and valuable results. 

pay per click

Paid advertising is the new marketing strategy which mainly focuses on bidding the right keywords so your services and products appear at top in the search results. 

First things first, you need to choose an array of keywords at various stages of the purchasing cycle. It’s crucial because it adheres to PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO (search engine optimization).

But you need to understand different platforms work differently when it comes to PPC. Therefore, it’s essential to comprehend the keywords that are within the ecosystem you’re planning to advertise in. 

Create specific advertising groups to run your B2B ppc campaigns. Ensure those ad groups are based on consideration, awareness, conversion process, and the competitive analysis. 

Also ensure when the audience clicks on your ppc ads, you lead them to a wondrous landing page that is capable of grabbing their attention and pushing them into the sales conversion funnel. 

Key Takeaways

Improving the sales conversion of a B2B site calls for a lot of effort. If you’re one of those who is facing a hard time in boosting conversion rate, we suggest you take our given suggestions into consideration and apply them. We believe these incredible strategies will definitely help you to run a successful B2B eCommerce business in this highly competitive digital market.

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