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6 free and paid tools for website and bloggers

by Robert

Hopefully, this will find you at the right time. One of the keys of being a succesful blogger or an ecommerce store owner, you have to be using the right tools for website. Doing so, you’ll be able to manage your online business. The number of available tools for website is enormous. From marketing automation to competitor keyword research, from ecommerce shopping cart to your own affiliate program.

Luckily, in the article below you will find a list of tools for website and bloggers that can come handy for marketing purposes. Also, ad performance examination and competitor research is something you’ll learn about today.

Google Analytics

website tools google analytics

Fisrt of all, and most important. Google Analytics is free software and helps you with information that will allow you optimize your site’s performance. Things like blog views, product descriptions, visitor behavior on your blog, and many more. You will also be able to see how visitors got to your website, and examine paid ad results. With Google Analytics you can get stronger results across all your sites, apps, and offline channels.

To sum up, Google Analytics is a must-have tool for any blogger ecommerce business no matter large or small. Google offers free training materials to help you master the tool when you’re ready. There are other apps with better interface and data, however, Google is still the most popular one as it doesn’t cost you a thing.



SEMrush is SEO optimization platform with strong tools for keyword research. In addition, they also offer crawling and domain monitoring.  Pricing starts at $69.95 per month to a yearly fee of $5,499.50 – based on the depth of reports you need.

Furthermore, Ecommerce businesses and blogger who want insights into their website’s performance, top keywords in their niche, and their competitors will benefit from this tool. This ecommerce research tool tracks more than 100 million keywords and almost 90 million domains.

With this tool ecommerce owners can examine their own websites.  In addition, research competitor websites and receive reports that show strengths and weaknesses. Meaning, that it allows you to cross reference data with competitor’s results in order to improve your SEO ratings.


website tools ahrefs

Similar to SEMrush Ahrefs can be used to understand the web marketing strategies of ecommerce websites.

Ahrefs is a solid SEO tool with capabilities to research backlinks, web crawling. The keyword features are limited and the UX interface is quite basic compared to other tools out there, but the tool covers all the primary SEO research and optimization needs. If you’re running short on budget this is a great all in one tool, however, it does lack some advanced features like content analysis and link auditing.


tools for website mailchimp

Emails can be a hassle for all size businesses, but if you are willing to grow your business and drive customers to your website, you need to build an email list. MailChimp is tool for your website in terms of email marketing. It will be best tool for sending mass emails, collecting stats, improving performance. Pricing structure for this website tool is subscriber list based- MailChimp has a free plan and the lowest subcription plan starts at $10 per month for up to 500 subscribers.

MailChimp is packed with templates that are easy easy to use and customize. This tool will allow you to segment your lists and run reports.

tools for website buffer

Content is always the main aspect to success and social media is one of the most popular channels for publishing it. Time for another move forward with tools for website. Buffer app will allow you to track your social media audience’s interest in topics, allow to plan social media publishing calendar.

Buffer’s focus is on ease of use and it is aimed at smaller organizations that not necessarily need an in-depth analytics. The analytics dashboard offers interesting insights into your audience’s behavior. They offer individual plans ranging from $0-$10, however, these don’t include the analytics tools. Business plans range from $99-$399 and prices are annual.



Word of a mount marketing (referral) and affiliate marketing channels for a lot of companies are the most profitable marketing channel and with highest conversion rates.  TapAffiliate is a referral marketing software that offers two pricing plans $69 and $149/month. Pricing structure is based on the overall features and the customization options. TapAffiliate gives both merchant and publisher a number of performance tracking and analysis tools. The don’t charge subcommissions.

TapAffiliate integrates with most popular ecommerce platforms and is white labeled solution.

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