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How to use webinars to grow your online business

by Robert

Webinars are amazing for your business and are a great way to increase sales, capture leads and provide an additional revenue stream. 87 % of companies use webinars to help advertise their products, and 79 % of those surveyed agreed that a brand video (like a webinar) prompted them to buy an app or software component.

This article talks about the strategies for making your webinar incredible and teaches you about how to use webinars to grow your business. 

First of all, you should never let any technological issues get in your way. You will be led straight to your objectives by the webinar platform and software, like WebinarNinja. Yet you need to relax, work on things that will come up, and start going forward. If you start today, webinars can be an enormous part of your revenue.

Why use webinars for marketing?

How do you stand out in the marketing world nowadays?

You can’t just claim: “Our stuff is the best! You should buy this one”. Clients are not persuaded. They have countless tools available to help them to compare and determine what is best for them. You will not get anywhere by putting all your energy into shouting louder than your rivals. It is going to be really irritating. 

The best strategy is Transparency. You build confidence by sharing your experience and placing your team of committed technical experts to build trust and value across the customer base in order to succeed. Webinars are the best tool for building trust among the customer base and help you in positioning your services or products in the mind of customers. 

A webinar is an interactive online event where a speaker, or a small group of speakers, gives a presentation to a wide audience by asking questions, answering polls, and using other collaborative resources available.

Here are the 4 reasons why a webinar is a great tool for marketing:

  • Webinars can help you in building your content library and in delivering tremendous value,  position you and your company/business as an expert, resource, and authority in your field/niche.
  • Webinars are a great, cost-effective, and convenient tool for keeping your audience engaged and help in increasing and creating brand awareness that consequently increases the sales and generate high-quality leads.
  • Webinars expand your audience globally and build you a bigger audience and contact list. You can invite guests and leverage their audience also.
  • Webinars are the great video marketing tool through which you can communicate with 100s of people around the globe and interact with them on a personal level. This can help you in establishing your credibility and will result in an increase in sales and leads.

Webinars have the highest conversion rates of any medium. Your webinar pushes the viewer into a purchasing experience with the right techniques. Bear in mind that selling is a method of influencing the customer experience. Not spewing or spinning the truth, rather crafting an impression. Now, have a look at the effective strategies on how to use webinars for your business in a more efficient way that can help you in increasing sales and generate high-quality leads.

Educate existing customers about the new or existing feature or upsell products

In order to build relationships with current clients, you will continue to deliver high-quality webinars that provide value for the attendees. That means you keep engaging your audience during your presentation. You may also use the email that follows to deliver unique value products reserved for valued customers.

Upselling is generally referred to as the process of giving a customer a more advanced version of a product they were already planning to buy. A  challenge in upselling is the price gap. With the advanced option included, buyers would have to justify the higher cost. 

Webinars provide the ideal solution to this problem. The trick is to show the true value of the feature/update that you want to upsell. 

Upselling, particularly during a live webinar, can have an excellent effect on revenues. Consider offering premium add-ons, such as personalized options or product packages for your courses. Convince your customers to buy the most expensive product or buy more items for a discount during a single sale. 

Both upselling (asking customers to lift the sales price) and cross-selling (inviting customers to purchase similar products) will prove useful. Let’s just not be too salesy. Speak like a trusted friend suggesting to your audience that you sincerely believe would help. 

Attract new customers, get new leads, and grow your email list

First of all, you can make sure that you only ask for email address on the webinar registration page for registration. At this point, requesting for too much useless information can put some people off registering and it can make them suspicious. 

The webinar presentation will then provide you with the foundation for developing a stronger partnership with new customers. You will do so by selling more valuables. The presentation of the webinar would include details that the participants could not get anywhere. You cannot, of course, sell a specific product but you should have a well-defined specific selling proposal.

Use genuine, engaging and visually pleasing content in order to develop strong relationships with your customer base and offer them extra bonuses.

Co-host webinars with industry experts to boost brand awareness

If your brand gives them a rare opportunity to meet an influencer or a renowned expert, your consumers and prospects will appreciate it!

Effective webinar platforms let you run your webinar with a different presenter. More significantly, it can be co-hosted from different locations. All you need is a camera, a microphone, and webinar software, for example, Webinarninja. Look for an expert who is willing to be a co-presenter at your online event and share their knowledge on a subject of special interest to your audience.

Co-hosting webinars with industry experts and guests helps in building the authority of your business and you can also leverage the audience of a co-host.

Help your customers better connect with your brand and build communities

Brand building is one of the main obstacles faced by new businesses and enterprises. When you are ready to launch your products and services, you do not have to wait six months to start getting your branding into the company. 

Webinars can be used regardless of whether you are launching or just trying to remain connected to your clients. The following techniques can help your business in connecting with potential customers.

  • Focus on the vision of your brand. Do not talk too about your own products. Most people are likely to connect with brands sharing the same vision and culture.
  • Introduce post-webinar activities that can help your customers to ask for queries if they have any. You are responsible for sending a message of thanks via email the next day. If something is pending such as meeting points, the answers to questions, assessment of all participants and description of any action carried out during the conference, send it to your customers without wasting time.
  • Highlighting the shared values of past and current customers.
  • Most importantly, turn your audiences and customers into your brand advocates.

Best webinar software to use:

The best webinar software makes it much easier to capture, share and keep track of your prospects without any hassle or downtime. WebinarNinja is a strong, all-in-one solution that is trusted by major brands such as AppSumo, Podia, Printful and more. They are regarded as one of the simplest tools to use, with thank you and sign-up pages, enabling you to create a webinar in less than a minute.

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